"The Grinch V The Avengers" Epic Trailer

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What a way to kick off 2016! This is by far our strangest, though coolest, versus episode yet! In this one we're placing The Avengers of Marvel Comics up against The Grinch of Dr. Seuss, in an epic, though comedic battle for the ages. We're really proud of this video, it's funny and triumphant! We also hope it just might change your thoughts on The Grinch movie, as most consider it to be an absolute doozie. See what we did there? It is Dr. Seuss themed ain't it!?
Gonna enjoy it? Yeah we'll bet you will.

MINOR QUALITY WARNING: EXCUSE SOME OF THE GRINCH (2000) FOOTAGE. HD recordings were not all available at the time of this videos production.

Not all clips could be rendered to a 1080p I-MAX standard, as the rest of the video is shot in.

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