8 New Games Arriving in April 2019 (including a FREE game)

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Start doing those chores around the house for extra cash, tell your girlfriend or boyfriend you need a break for a few weeks; or in my case ask your wife for access to the bank account… A new month means new games to buy and April 2019 is an absolute beast! Here's 8 of 'em! #newgames #grenade #DaysGone

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1. Days Gone – action adventure survival – PS4 exclusive – April 26th
2. Mortal Kombat 11 – 2.5D fighter – PS4, Xbox One, PC (switch next month) – April 23rd
3. Dauntless – Online Action RPG – PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC – April
4. World War Z – Coop survival shooter – PS4, Xbox one, PC – April 16th
5. Earth Defence force Iron Rain – PS4 - April 11th
6. Power Rangers Battle for the Grid – Fighter – PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch - April 2nd
7. Fade to Silence – Survivial RPG – PS4, Xbox One, PC – April 30th
8. Super Meat Boy Forever – platformer – Every platform known to man – April 26th